The story of the bricklayers moved me. Have you heard this story? Let me tell it to make sure we’re talking about the same story.

A visitor came across a bricklayer hard at work. The visitor asked what the bricklayer was doing. “I’m stacking bricks”, came the answer.

Image by Mari_Lui on Pixabay

The visitor…

If you know my story at all, you know that my ADD was managed until about 20 years ago by living a structured life. In blending my life with my husband’s, I shifted to an unstructured life — though that’s not what I saw it as at the time. Slowly…

I’ve decided to be a Lover.

My trip through “ScIreland” was a delight. And I knew the people I interacted with and I were divided by a common language. There were differences in Belfast, for example, not only because of the language differences but also because of the cultural differences…

During a conversation with a friend, I connected two important ideas. Maybe you’ve already made this connection, but it was new to me, at least the way it came together during the conversation.

Image by johnhain on Pixabay

We were talking about her recent struggle to be “in the present “. She acknowledged there were…

Expectations are assumptions you place on the people and situations in your life. That’s a counter-productive way to go through life.

Image by Peggy_Marco on Pixabay

I learned several valuable lessons about expectations while walking my first Camino de Santiago, The Camino Frances. The lessons drilled into me were about the damage expectations can do…

Approach your fitness with the same dedication you approach your hygiene. Do you brush your teeth once or twice a day? Why should you? Because you want to keep them for your long life.

Do you participate in a fitness program every day? Why should you? …

Kit Cassingham

As a L.I.F.E. Design Coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to imagine & create their vibrant life for all their years.

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