Developing Your Longevity Mindset

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Become Your Life CEO

As part of enjoying the above recipe, we need to decide to become the CEO of our lives and take control of our decisions and actions. Then we need the courage to question the outdated assumptions that limit our ability to use the tools and advancements science and medicine are forging.

Emotional Habits

Being unaware of our emotional habits, we create an environment that guides us back home, home to the emotions we’ve made habitual. Your emotional pattern follows you like a shadow — until you consciously and deliberately draw a line in the sand and make changes.

Lessons Along The Way

Lessons I learned along my Camino experience taught me that when I simplify my world, take one step at a time, and drop expectations life is more joyous. I found less fear as my joy increased. These lessons helped me get a different perspective about life and I found the beauty around me, found solutions to challenges, I found growth and peace. Life is like the Camino and a Longevity Mindset.

It Takes More Than Knowledge

For most people, all of the science in the world won’t get them to embrace their longevity. Transforming their fear into joy will help them adopt a healthier lifestyle and live a better life. That supports you in developing your longevity mindset.



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Kit Cassingham

Kit Cassingham


As a Longevity Coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to imagine & create their vibrant life for all their years.