I’m Afraid Of Not Getting Over My Fear

I have a new hobby. It came out of surveying a dozen-or-so people about the course I was preparing to develop on helping people learn to overcome their fear. I have come to love asking people about their fear — what causes it, how they deal with it, how it shows up in their lives, and how it concerns them. These conversations are always interesting and challenge me to create an even better course.

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The most common response in the conversations, in and out of the survey, was “I’m afraid of not getting over my fear”. Some are so afraid that they haven’t even tried. Some are afraid because they’ve tried and failed too many times. An undercurrent I detected in some is that they were so afraid of not getting over their fear that they started calling it by other names, giving these people the sense they had either dealt with their fears or didn’t have any at this point.

…By Any Other Name

What other names can you give fear that make you think you don’t have any? Besides the traditional terms like resistance, anxiety, and worry? Nervous, shy, introverted, angry, edgy, irritable, impatient, and sad, to name a few. Then there’s heartburn, high blood pressure and heart rate, depression, sleep issues, weight gain, and elevated blood glucose.

There are several mindset shifts you can make that will help you learn to overcome your fear. It’s my goal to help you transform your fear into action using techniques I’ve successfully used. Part of the trick in learning to overcome your fear — or transform it, if you prefer — is to uncover and recognize all the ways you express and hold fear.

Take Steps

Some are obvious and “easy” to transform. But others are in your blind spots and it takes more effort or someone’s assistance to uncover them before you can overcome them. I’m designing a class to help you, and it’s intended to help you transform the obvious ones, and then dig in and uncover the obscured fears to get transformed.

Having fear is uncomfortable. Working at transforming it and getting past it is ultimately better than accepting it and living with it. Take a chance on yourself and try again.

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As a transformation coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to amplify their lives to achieve excellence. https://LiveInFocusedEnergy.com

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