Something’s not quite right — like things are out of sorts. But what? While you love your life from personal to professional, sometimes you feel you aren’t connecting with people the way you want, and they misunderstand you. The challenge is to figure it out. But how?

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Just about everyone has been there. It’s uncomfortable. So, how did you resolve those feelings?

Recently I found myself feeling that way. It started when I returned from my second Camino. I’d set the intention to be the world’s best Transformation Coach and was taking action daily toward that end. Questions like “what is a Transformation Coach?” and “what makes me think I can live into that?” were bouncing around in my brain.

The first thing I did was sort through what a Transformation Coach is because while it is intuitively obvious to me, I struggled with finding the words so I could express my purpose to others. My conclusion was that it’s like being an alchemist. The study of alchemy is a form of speculative philosophy and chemistry that was practiced during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It was principally concerned with discovering methods for transmuting base metals into gold and with finding an elixir of life.

For me, though, it’s not turning objects into gold, it’s guiding people to amplify their best qualities so they can live an excellent life (which is a kind of gold!). Part of my definition of Transformation Coach includes helping people learn to design their ideal life and then live it. Another aspect is to also give people the tools to be resilient to life’s challenges and tests so they rise up rather than get beaten down “when life happens”.

Ok, once I was able to define what a Transformation Coach is I was more comfortable with my declaration and my ability to live into that goal and dream. But I still had this nagging feeling that I wasn’t in total alignment. That burning 3-letter word popped up again: Why?

Figuring this question out took more time and thinking — and feeling. My conclusion intrigued me. In this case, my insight was that I’d been keeping my spiritual side separate from my business side, and I thought that might be creating a sense of incongruence about me, that maybe there was more to me than meets the eye. That can lead others to feel alienation or mistrust, or maybe have a vague feeling that we’re incompatible.

That insight led me to decide I needed to be whole again, to reunite with my spiritual side, taking it off the shelf where I’d put it for a while and integrate it back into my life. Weaving it back into all aspects of my life may not make a difference in how others respond to me, but I feel like a whole person again, a person of integrity. All feels right in the world again, and that smooths interactions with others.

Yet that wasn’t the end of the questions I had for myself. The next one was, Why would anyone want a Transformation Coach? My answer: because sometimes people feel there is more to life than what they have or are experiencing; and some feel they aren’t living up to their potential or into their best self. Recognizing they want more or to be their best is the first step.

Taking action is the next step or series of steps. Accessing that change can feel daunting, which keeps some people from acting. But for others, that’s when they start to search for answers, for tools and techniques to help them grow, and to find strategies they can implement in their lives to create the life they want and be the person they want to be. That’s when a Transformation Coach like me is needed. A Transformation Coach can help people amplify their best qualities, can give them the tool, techniques, and strategies they need to transform their lives. That’s what I do and why you should call me your Transformation Coach.

When you experience an identity crisis of sorts, I hope you’ll face the question and explore what’s wrong. Dig deep. The discomfort can lead to great peace and joy, and wonderful solutions! When you have wrestled with your identity or your purpose and come through with answers that satisfy you, then you can live into your best self. Those conclusions let you make the difference in the world that you are here for.

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