Life’s Transitions

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The School Years and Beyond

Commonly acknowledged transitions are from elementary school to middle school to high school. Graduating from college or a trade school into our early careers is another. Marriage and childbirth are two other highly celebrated transitions. Divorce is a transition. Retirement used to be a big transition where the man, typically, would be given a gold watch to celebrate his company contributions and good wishes for his later years. As with the retirement transition, the other bridges or milestones are often celebrated. Celebrations are good!

Why There Are More Transitions Today

We were prepared for many of our transitions and celebrations. We look forward to many of them. The well-known transitions were an important part of our life, and may still be for many of us. And now there are more transitions in life than ever. Why? Because we are living longer, which introduces more transition opportunities.

The Lengthening Middle

The extra time brought on by longer lives isn’t tacked onto the end of our years, it’s inserted into the middle. Some people call this time “middlescence”. It’s a time for new careers, new learning, new skills development. Note that — it’s a time for “new”.

Seizing the Opportunity

I mentioned the big, in-the-middle-of-life transition as being for “new”. That’s the clue as to what you can expect from this time in your life. What a great opportunity to develop new skills, new interests, learn new things, go new places, and take on new careers! Curiosity will lead you through all this newness you are facing. And face it you must.



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Kit Cassingham

Kit Cassingham


As a Longevity Coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to imagine & create their vibrant life for all their years.