When I repeatedly hear reference to the same thing, be it a book, person, or technique, I pay attention. The most recent thing I heard repeatedly was a technique to harness the alter ego to help buoy yourself in uncomfortable or difficult situations.

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Standing Out

Over time I have even suggested that Future Self be the client’s superhero so their support system has imbued superpowers that the client doesn’t think they have but can access through that superhero. I further coach them to have that superhero be positioned at their elbow, or just behind them — like an interpreter might be positioned — or shrunk in size and placed on their shoulder. This kind of positioning lends courage and coaching as the client needs it in difficult situations.

Blending In

Often I see people striving to be chameleons, blending into their environment and proceeding through life in a way that asks to not be noticed. Sometimes that’s important to do, to be sure. But often it’s as much as hiding from ourselves and perceived weaknesses as blending in.

Brain Twister

Let me share an idea that could twist your brain in a knot as it tries to work through the idea. Could it be that Superman is the real you and Clark is the persona to help you fit in and feel accepted? I heard this concept from Todd Herman, author of The Alter Ego Effect. Let’s look at a fictional alter ego and chameleon ego you may know: Spiderman and Peter Parker. According to Todd’s way of thinking — and I’m liking this concept a lot — Spiderman is the “real” person, not the alter ego, and moves through life as Peter Parker, not the chameleon ego, to stay below the radar. That team effort works out well, don’t you think?

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