I have two places I go to in my imagination when I want to change my mood. Having these getaway spots has made a big difference in my life. I bet you’d benefit by having one or more peace places too if you don’t already have them.

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When I want to feel more relaxed and at peace, I imagine sitting on an Adirondack-style chair overlooking a body of water, usually at sunset. There is always a breeze in this place of mine, and a sense of calm imbues the scene. My favorite spot of this Peace Place collection is on a lanai with a view of the beach with coconut palms gently swaying above me. I can hear the seagulls and the wind, I can smell the saltwater and tropical flowers, and I can see the waves lapping. I have a notecard with a similar picture that someone sent me to help me reach that place. I relax and feel as if I’m melting into the scene.

If One Is Good, Two Are Better

The other place I go to also gives me a sense of peace, but it’s especially for when I want to feel empowered and strong. This place has some variety built-in, adding to the experience. This place is my wind-whipped point.

The first time I went to this place it was on a cliff above the ocean at the tip of a rock projection. I stand there with my long hair and long skirt flapping around me. I’m almost leaning into the wind as if to take in as much of the ocean and wind as possible.

After seeing Titanic, I added the ship’s prow to my collection of Peace Places. The same wind-whipped hair and skirt are present, and I am leaning into the wind as if I’m flying, like Rose when Jack took her to the prow of the ship as it cut through the North Atlantic. For me, it’s not a romantic dream, but a feeling of freedom.

I’ve realized through the years since coming up with my Peace Places that they double as my Power Places. The sense of peace I get there seems to build my courage, and dissolve my fear or anxiety. When you get down to it, it’s simply another way to transform fear!

I like the soft power I feel when I’m in these places. I value my sense of strength, and appreciate when it shows itself gently. That’s how I want to live my life. That feels like a great place to come from in transforming my fears, and yes, I have them just like everyone else. But for the most part, using various strategies I am able to transform them — into action, into strength, into freedom.

When you find your Peace Place, notice if it also becomes a power place. Pay attention to whether you feel your fears being more manageable when you are in that kind of peace. Warning: it can be addictive to visit this place.

I’d love to hear what your Peace Place looks like.

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As a transformation coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to amplify their lives to achieve excellence. https://LiveInFocusedEnergy.com

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