Who Will I Be Without My Fear?

Because I talk a lot about fear with friends and clients, I sometimes hear an objection along the lines of, “Who will I be without my fear?”

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You are a wonderful package of intelligence, humor, diverse interests, a collection of friends and associates wrapped in a bundle of fears, anxieties, worries, and stress. That’s quite a package, wouldn’t you say? That bundle may be so tight around and through you that the full essence of who you are is constricted and lost. Bits of you shine through that bundle of fear and its relatives, but there’s much more of the “real” stuff, the real you hidden away in there.

You have successfully maneuvered the world with the package that is you. You know that package and its place in the world. You may not like all that there is to experience in that life, but it’s what you know. No wonder you ponder who you will be without your fears wrapped around you — and woven through you.

The Problem

The question then remains, who are you without the fear, anxiety, worry, and stress? You will be more of who you really are and want to be. There’s the catch. You can’t become all you can be while you are tightly bound by your fears.

When the fear, and all its permutations, are unraveled then there is space for the “all” of you to grow and shine. Without fear, you can learn more and expand your intelligence — and use it effectively. Without fear blocking your mind, you’ll think more clearly. Wow! What will that feel like?

The real you will twinkle, and brighten the world when you aren’t afraid to expose it. The laughter that arises from humor is good for you and those around you. What a prescription for health: drop the fear and take two laughs each day.

Somewhere inside your interests lies your purpose, your Why. When you can give them room to expand and develop, you can add spice and variety to your life, you can develop your talents to use in many ways. What a wonderful way to live!

Relationships without fear blocking the connections are so much more real and satisfying. Friends and family, associates and peers, and even strangers will all benefit from the full aspect of who you are without fear blocking the way. You will benefit from those same relationships when you aren’t hiding in your fear. What a refreshing way to live and interact with others!

The Solution

Fear blocks energy, communications, and connections. That right there is enough reason, in my opinion, to unravel the fear that wraps itself around you and through your life. When you also consider the benefits to the other areas of your life, wouldn’t you see the question better be “Who am I with this fear?” than the question you started with here?

Who will you be without your fear? A more complete, whole, healthy, and wonderful version of the person you are now.

Since you don’t know what you don’t know, consider hiring a coach who specializes in helping people overcome fear to guide you in unraveling your fear, in transforming fear into action.

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As a transformation coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to amplify their lives to achieve excellence. https://LiveInFocusedEnergy.com

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