Rethinking Retirement Homes

photo by Gerd Altman on Pixabay

A Much Better Way

That’s where rethinking retirement homes comes in. I think small communities could be designed that would support a wide range of lives and needs. Integrate older people with younger people. Integrate the more wealthy with the less wealthy. Integrate people of different races or creeds with each other. Intermingling the rich diversity of what humanity has to offer makes for a richer, healthier life. That sounds like an interesting start to a retirement home alternative.

There are Many Better Ways

There’s another approach to retirement-aged living. I call it the Golden Girls-type home. A large home, of say four bedrooms, could house four single people. They share similar interests, and of course the daily chores of a home. These people can congregate, relax, play, and exercise together. They become family. They have each other’s backs. There obviously can be more good ideas, but a large institutionalized “God’s Waiting Room” to sit in until death, as one family friend referred to them, should be the last resort.

photo by Sigmund on Unsplash



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Kit Cassingham

Kit Cassingham


As a Longevity Coach with over 30 years of experience, I guide people to imagine & create their vibrant life for all their years.